Let them say, “Thank you papa.”


In the early morning, when the dew is still up in the edge of the grass i find myself far away in the time where my little kid will say to me,”Terima kasih Papa.”
The life creates what we have, what we learn, and what we see.
When we have a thing, we believe that we still have a hope to live. When we learn a thing we know that we still have a mission to continue life. When we see a thing then we can easily believe that it is really reality of life. then we decide to say to ourselves that if there is no more effort to make all these like what it should be, so… how it could be; ………….


Long time ago, when the long boat passing toward the north of the Borneo island, crossing into the river of Segah and Kelay, reaching the densely forest, no body realized that the beauty of the nature will be end today. At the moment, the flock of bird will not extinct like this day. Every body looks like enchanted by the canopy of the trees. So no body aware about the malignancy of the life, a greedy life. A reality of life force to be faced and made many people become opportunists.

Then, it looks like a nightmare when we wake up in the early morning found that there is no more water; clean water to drink, clear water to bath, clod water to wash this face.

shall we get angry for the situation? should we curse for the action?

Before the time is out of our hands, before the fantasy is not the reality, before the chance is gone away, let us hands to hands to conserve this nature, to safe this life, not only for the life today but also for the generation in the future, because we hope, when they wake up in the early morning, we still be able to see in their smile faces of what they have from this earth; a fragrance of jasmine and fresh air comes over to the window blowing their smiling face while saying “thanks.”DSC00059
Do you want they say that to you?
“spread out the seeds today and harvest the fruits tomorrow”
This is what i am doing now to see my Berau is still sweet for my son tomorrow, “Learning in Community.”

*3/10 DSC00103




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