Asri Toldo talks about his life at university in Brisbane


Asri Toldo is an Australian Award Scholarship recipient, and an alumni of IALF. He is currently studying in Brisbane and he loves his life there. Read what he has to say about life on campus.

My Campus Life in Brisbane

Live on campus or off campus is same when semester begins. No matter what level you are in: under graduate or post graduate, you are bachelor, master degree students or Phd candidates, your life will be same, ruined in the middle of joy and sorrow filled with thousand words and hundreds articles that take your time day by day until you forget your pains. In some occasions, you may not be able to differentiate the time anymore. It seems to be the same except the time for praying and going to toilet. sometimes time for eating is not included on the schedule. so you can imagine how about time for bathing. It is totally out from the list as the winter is coming soon.

When semester is almost end, I noticed something different especially when due date becomes a hot issue in everyday conversation. At this moment, suddenly life at uni becomes more enjoyable. Everybody seems busy with their own business. Learning center suddenly becomes the most comfortable place to stay in the world. In fact, it is free, safe, warm and full facilities. In some moments, if you are lucky, you will be entertained by people who cheer up themselves with music, jokes and books. So, don’t be so surprised when you are walking down to the street and meet someone smiling, singing and talking alone happily. It is a normal life on campus. Or, in the late night, when you hear a loud music shaking the entire world coming from a place next to your window in almost every Tuesday night and a night in the end of the week, then you might think it is the end of world. You might say to yourself wow.. Is this a heaven? Then you have to avoid all the distractions and keep thinking straightly to complete yourself papers. This is the life at uni, and it only happens when you are here sitting in the middle of thousand books on the selves thinking about your future. This is the life that you might experience differently than others and only occurs once in a lifetime before you finally accomplish the journey.

When semester ends, life suddenly changes. All the stories during semester are kept tightly in mind. A new hope is waiting in other part of world to explore.

Like an eagle, flying highly to the sky, then dropping in a rock in a top of the mountain, looking at the beauty of its creation on the beach and enjoying a rest of the nights with a glass of tea and waking up in the next day with a happy face. This life is more exciting than playing a roller coaster, more dramatic than cast away and even more romantic than Indian movies. This life is a miracle that is only felt when you experience it. That is the life that I will miss someday when I have finished my study and returned to my real world somewhere in the middle of the forest in Borneo. The life where my son and my friends will follow by their own ways to taste the experience in the future.

Asri Toldo in Brisbane – Monday, June 2, 2014 at 11.15 pm.


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